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If already didn’t know already, grocery stores are where you get your best deals on food. The easiest way to save money at a local grocery store is to use coupons or a store member card. This can be done at any local grocery store. Don’t let the Sunday paper just be your coupon day you can print coupons out or have then sent to your house. There are several websites that will allow you to print out coupons for use at local stores. Maybe you want to sign up for a store member card. You can use this to get discounts every time you shop at your local grocery store. This will help reduce the cost of your groceries every time you visit the store. russian store

Some of these grocery stores even offer store credit, credit cards. You can gain points by buying groceries with them then rack up the points and get free groceries. Also check out the discount or marked down rack. Most of the time you can find marked down brand name foods and other things as well in the discount area. Go around and talk to the people in the meat department and see when they are marking down meats. A lot of the time these meats will expire in a few days so the butcher will mark these down to get them gone faster. This often happens in the early hours of the store to get it gone faster. I have a friend at a local store that gives me huge deals on steaks.

Speak with the produce person to see when the best fruit is going to be on sale. This too is done in the mornings to eliminate the rest of the fruit they wish gone. This is so people can get what they want and the grocery store can make sales.

Look for all the sales, many sales will often occur in the morning so go to our local grocery store and find all the sales tomorrow morning. These sales will most likely be on a lot of meats and veggies.

You do not have to have a membership to get good deals. You can be any customer just know when the right time to go and get your groceries is so you can get a good deal. Just remember the best time to go is in the morning and you will most likely get a bunch of good sales. The meats are the main things being marked down but there are other things as well that are on sale such as maybe chips, cookies, and delicious sweets in the bakery section maybe the deli section as well. So just go to your local grocery store today and look then maybe you will find what you are looking for.


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