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Getting ones site to rank among the first ten search results on the search engines is the dream achievement of all internet marketers. However, just optimizing a site with the best keywords and phrases is not enough to get the best ranking. It is equally important to get as many back links to your site as well. 구글광고대행

What is a back link and how does it help in ranking a web site? Let us understand what ranking is in the first place. When a search-bot crawls the we in search for sites containing a certain keyword or key phrase it ranks all the sites according to the quantity and relevance of the keywords the sites contain. One would believe that the more the keywords found at a site the better, right? Wrong. The search-bots are getting smarter by the day. They know when a site is cheating by over stuffing keywords into pages so they look for sites with a certain percentage of keywords only – too many and they ignore the site. After they rank the sites according to the keywords they look for the presence of the sites URL on other sites. Here we can say ‘the more the better’. The more the quantity of urls found on other sites the higher the ranking of the site. These occurrences of the sites URLs on other relevant sites is called ‘back linking’.

One way to get a good number of back linking is to exchange links with other sites. However, this does not return good results because the ranking of the site that links back to you is also important. An insignificant site linking to you may not be a good idea and a waste of time. So, one must pick and choose the sites that will back link to your site. Numbers count alright, but well placed sites count even better. So, here is where paid link directories come in. paid link exchanges charge a fee to list your URL on their sites and on some other highly ranked sites. This makes a lot of difference to the free link exchange programs out there.

Then there is the art of blogging to get your number of back links up. IT is a good idea to start a few blogs of your own and blog every day inserting your URL link in the blogs,. You should also research some of the popular blogs, sign up for a free account and then blog about your site there. You will get great results this way because people pick up blogs and post on other sites besides if the blog you are blogging at allows you to post your URL and if it is highly ranked you can get great quality back links for your site and get the search engines to sit up and notice it too!

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